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    1. Administrative Zone
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      Staff zone / Only Staff 

    1. Administrative Zone
      115 posts

      Administrative area, news related to the forum, its projects, announcements belonging to the community, proposals and suggestions related to the forum; questions / issues related to your forum / account.

    2. Zona Utilizatorilor
      297 posts

      Information about the warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to the staff members as well as interactive contests organized by the members of the Administration!

    3. Affiliere Server
      18 posts

      Do you have a server and want to join it in our community? Then this is the right place.

    4. DARKNIGHT | OfficialClan   (89 visits to this link)
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    1. Counter-Strike 1.6 - Official Servers
      2.2k posts

      Below is a list of servers in our community hosted by reputable companies, servers of various ways, well configured, quality and without lag. Each server has its own category where you can find all the information you need.



    2. DARKNIGHT / MIX-Area (Counter Strike 1.6)
      72 posts

      Aici gasesti toate informatiile necesare legate de proiectul comunitar MIX-Area Counter-Strike 1.6.



    1. Design Zone
      104 posts

      Design is an English word that is pronounced [pron. di-zain] and which means project, drawing (of conception), sketch (of conception). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

    2. Discuții tematice și socializare
      538 posts

      Discussions between community members on topics that do not fall into the other sections, questionnaires, various curiosities and daily news.

    3. Magazin Virtual
      79 posts

      Un magazin virtual, magazin online sau magazin electronic (e-shop), este un website de comerț electronic destinat vânzării de produse și servicii.

    1. Arhiva
      102 posts

      Here is the DarkNight Archive, all the topics, the categories that were no longer needed have moved here. We do not delete anything!

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